A wardrobe is a standing closet used to store clothing and other essentials. The most requisite furniture for the bedroom is wardrobe. Matching right bedroom furniture’s have never been an easier task always. But, Instead of sparing time running out to showroom to select the furniture’s there is an easy method where you design your bedroom interior at a click. At this point I would thank Scale Inch Interiors for their valuable services and unbeatable products.

In this discussion we are talking about the wardrobes that act as vital part of the bedroom. According to your likes and taste, the requirements are built in to form a complete structure. Wardrobes with different design, unique style, and color according to the wall texture are manufactured in a very detailed manner taking into consideration of all the features of the bedroom to get a glam look to the entire space. Wardrobes with multiple racks, drawers are designed to store clothing essentials and other precious things to safeguard your belongings in a safety locker.


The modular wardrobes are cleverly crafted with the necessities that are required by modern users. Now- a-days wardrobes acts as multitasking unit with combined features of TV Unit, dressers, study unit and extra loft. These modular wooden wardrobes can be assembled, disassembled and re-assembled as and when needed. This fit a right place at the corner of a room and enables to hold essentials in a closed manner.

There are different types of wardrobes available and each variety is dependent on the available floor space. Free standing wardrobe, wall mounted wardrobe saves space, Sliding door wardrobe opted when there is minimal space, Hinged door wardrobe if the space is adequate, Walk-in wardrobe those who prefer to use a entire space as a wardrobe.


For making your bedroom look sophisticated, wardrobes plays a vital role by incorporating more functionality, adequate space to essential storage. Its most important attribute is mobility and ease of fitting in a corner space. All our products are efficient in storage and are flexible enough to adapt according to space. We preferably use plywood with laminate finish which withstands any weather conditions, wear and tear. To ensure the longevity of the product we use superior quality material with lamination that comes along with 8 years of warranty against manufacturing defect. By fixing the mirrors to the wardrobe it makes the room look with maximum space.