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Find the most fashionable and the exquisite Modular Kitchens in Bangalore, that are harmoniously personalized to suit your prerequisite. Scale Inch comes up with great ideas and creative thoughts to deliver the finest kitchen designs ever. Modular Kitchens are stylishly built and by creating each module individually and then incorporated together to make the modular kitchen look complete with attractive and pragmatic features. Kitchens are created in such a way that it is so cleverly built to attain comfortable working and convenient to use. Modular Kitchens are so popular these days for many reasons,

Exhibiting a Modish Kitchen – A modern home would definitely need a modern kitchen as every other is stylishly designed to make the entire home look complete. The color combination also adds a stunning look to the kitchen space.

Highly Pliable– Each module is incorporated to form a complete kitchen. The modular kitchens can be assembled and disassembled as an when required as per customer accordance. Contemporary kitchens are highly flexible and thus cleverly built satisfying user requirements.

Attaining Satisfaction on Using – Very well planned kitchen designs are easy to use and thus people attain satisfaction using the modular kitchen with trendy designs. The drawers, cabinets, storage racks, breakfast counter are perfectly planned to make the modular kitchen look effective.

Ease to work – Modular Kitchens are very easy to maintain. Fixing a chimney outlets the unwanted air from the home and assures to keep the kitchen feel fresh and clean all the time. The laminate used are very safe and thus easy to clean often with no risk.

Modular Kitchens allotting space for cooking, storing, washing, serving, breakfast counter and much more. It is an orderly arrangement and makes the user feel the ease and the flow of work are simple with modular kitchens.

Modular L-Shaped Design – Fully Customizable Designs at the affordable Prices

Among the various types of the kitchen design L-Shaped kitchen is one the most commonly designed and used the kitchen in Indian homes. This layout is attached to 2 adjacent walls. This kitchen adds the exquisite look and provides the user enough space and comfort to enjoy working in a kitchen. To make this kitchen, even attractive you can personalize it in a very smart way using the latest technology and advanced features. L- Shaped kitchens can adjust any space and are highly flexible.

Modular kitchen
Savate L – Shape Kitchen with Laminate Finish by Scaleinch

This Beautiful crated L-Shaped kitchen with an amazing combination of hues, Modular L-Shaped Kitchen with breakfast counter, commodious storage cabinets, ample space to comfortably work in a kitchen perfect work triangle incorporated with washing space, cooking space, organizing utensils and also a breakfast counter for serving your loved ones.

Modular U-Shaped Kitchen Design – Scale Inch

Whether it is small home or a well-built apartment a creatively customized ergonomic Kitchens are very important as you spend quite a few hours to cook something nice, healthy for your loved family. U- Shaped kitchens are ideally preferred for a large home. These kitchens have wide counter tops to work in a comfort zone and spread things around kitchen enjoy cooking again and make your job simple by easily maintaining this kitchen. The kitchen accessories are cleverly fitted at the right space and offer user to use the U-Shaped kitchen in a healthy way. You will never feel the shortage of space because the kitchen is developed in such way that all your needs are satisfied by personalizing modular kitchen.


This modular U-Shaped Kitchen is crafted to meet user convenience and requirement. The sleek structure modular kitchen with laminate finish adorns the entire kitchen with its beautiful look and elegant color incorporated with enough storage cabinets and Baskets.

Customize Modular Kitchens with Utter Quality at Scale Inch

Scale Inch Interiors having its own manufacturing units offer customers the quality designs with genuine materials and timely delivery. Scale Inch designs kitchens such that that needs to be functional and everything in a kitchen needs to be balanced. Airy atmosphere, stylish kitchen, appliances, compact design, ventilation, color, granite, tiles and many more. The services provided by Scale Inch are,

  • EMI Facility
  • Free Installation
  • Free Service for 1 Year
  • Free Delivery within Karnataka
  • Quality Designs
  • Quality Materials used
  • 8 Years Warranty